Preprint Factorization and criticality in finite XXZ systems of arbitrary spin
M. Cerezo, R. Rossignoli, N. Canosa, E. Ríos
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Recent articles:

Bipartite entanglement in fermion systems
N. Gigena, R. Rossignoli
Physical Review A 95 062320 (2017).

Entanglement and coherence in a spin-s XXZ system under non-uniform fields
E. Ríos, R. Rossignoli, N. Canosa
Journal of Physics B 50 095501 (2017).

Pair entanglement in dimerized spin-s chains
A. Boette, R. Rossignoli, N. Canosa, J.M. Matera
Physical Review B 94 214403 (2016).

Factorization in XYZ spin systems under general fields and separable ground state engineering
M. Cerezo, R. Rossignoli, N. Canosa
Physical Review A 94 042335 (2016).

Coherent control of quantum systems as a resource theory
J. M. Matera, D. Egloff, N. Killoran, M. B. Plenio
Quantum Science and Technology 1, 01LT01 (2016).

One-body information loss in fermion systems
N. Gigena, R. Rossignoli
Physical Review A 94 042315 (2016).

Conditional purity and quantum correlation measures in two qubit mixed states
L. Rebon, R. Rossignoli, J.J.M. Varga, N. Gigena, N. Canosa, C. Iemmi, S. Ledesma
Journal of Physics B 49 21550(2016).


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