Preprint: Nontransverse factorizing fields and entanglement in finite-spin systems
M. Cerezo, R. Rossignoli, N. Canosa,
arXiv:1507.07166 (2015)

Article accepted:
Entanglement in fermion systems
N. Gigena, R. Rossignoli,
Physical Review A 92 042326 (2015)

Articles published:
Exact dynamics and squeezing in two harmonic modes coupled through angular momentum
N. Canosa, S. Mandal, R. Rossignoli,
Journal of Physics B 48 165501 (2015).

Dimerized ground states in spin-S frustrated systems
C.A. Lamas, J.M. Matera
Physical Review B 92 115111 (2015).

Generalized mean-field description of entanglement in dimerized spin systems
A. Boette, R. Rossignoli, N. Canosa, J.M. Matera
Physical Review B 91 064428 (2015).

Graduate Thesis: Quantum correlations and factorizing fields in spin chains
Marco Cerezo de la Roca, UNLP (March 2015).

Ph.D. Thesis: Generalized entropic measures of quantum correlations
Leonardo Ciliberti, UNLP (March 2015).


Welcome to the Quantum Information Research Group at the National University of La Plata.

We investigate the physics of many-body systems from the novel perspective of quantum information. A more detailed description of our work can be found here.

If you are interested in working with us, please see here.

Here you can see our last publications.


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