Fields of interest


Fermionic entanglement in superconducting systems
M. Di Tullio, N. Gigena, R. Rossignoli
Physical Review A (2018, in press).

Recent articles:

Nonlinear dynamics of a semiquantum Hamiltonian in the vicinity of quantum unstable regimes
A.M. Kowalski, R. Rossignoli
Chaos, Solitons and Fractals 109, 140 (2018).

Spectrum and normal modes of non-Hermitian quadratic boson operators
Javier Garcia, R. Rossignoli
Physical Review A 96, 062130 (2017).

Factorization and criticality in finite XXZ systems of arbitrary spin
M. Cerezo, R. Rossignoli, N. Canosa, E. Ríos
Physical Review Letters 119, 220605 (2017).

Bipartite entanglement in fermion systems
N. Gigena, R. Rossignoli
Physical Review A 95 062320 (2017).

Entanglement and coherence in a spin-s XXZ system under non-uniform fields
E. Ríos, R. Rossignoli, N. Canosa
Journal of Physics B 50 095501 (2017).

>Quantum Discord and Entropic Measures of Quantum Correlations: Optimization and Behavior in Finite XY Spin Chains
N. Canosa, M. Cerezo, N. Gigena, R. Rossignoli
Lectures on General Quantum Correlations and their Applications, p. 455, Springer (2017).


Quantum entanglement in many-body systems
(Entanglement in spin chains and arrays, Approximation methods, Entanglement in Boson and Fermion systems, Gaussian states)

Quantum correlation measures
(Quantum Discord, Generalized entropic measures of quantum correlations and entanglement, Measurement theory)

Information Theory and Quantum statistics
(Generalized entropies and statistics, Majorization theory, Generalized distributions in quantum statistics)



QI - UNLP 2011


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